5 Best Speakers For Record Player In 2021

5 Best Speakers For Record Player In 2021

The sound of a record player spinning in the background is iconic. It’s nostalgic to hear vinyl played when you want to relax and unwind. But, what happens if you don’t have a record player? Or maybe all your records are packed away and not easily accessible? There are many options for speakers that will give you great sound and allow you to play any type of music. Here we list the best speakers for record players.

At a Glance:

The sound of a record playing in the background has an iconic quality. In today’s age where everyone has their phone, having a way to listen to vinyl albums brings back memories from childhood.

But, what do you do if there isn’t one around or even worse – all. The best speakers for record players are those that reproduce the sound signal of a vinyl record as accurately as possible.

The most important aspect to consider when looking for these speakers is their impedance, which should be matched with that of your record player’s output. If you want more information on what we believe are the top five best speakers for your vintage turntable, check out our blog post below!

The record player is making a comeback in homes across the country. This vintage device can provide hours of fun for adults and kids alike, but it’s important to have great speakers that will allow you to hear your music with clarity.

The best speakers for record players are ones that are designed specifically for this purpose, so be sure to check out our list before you buy!I decided to write this article because I have a record player and wanted to find the best speakers for it.

I’ve been looking around at different Bluetooth speakers, but while they are good quality sound, a lot of them do not look very nice next to my record player. While there is nothing wrong with buying Bluetooth speakers that don’t match your furniture or decor,

if you want something that will also function as an ornament in your home then these types of Bluetooth speakers may not be right for you. In this blog post, we’ll go over some options for the best sounding and most beautiful speaker system for your record player.

Best PickElac Debut B5.2
Check Price
Staff PickB&W 606
Check Price
Budget PickFyne Audio F302
Check Price
KEF LS50 Meta
Check Price
Wharfedale Diamond 12.1
Check Price
Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2
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Elac Debut B5.2

Best Pick

The Elac Debut B5.2 is a highly rated speaker that has been praised for its high-quality sound and affordable price tag. The speaker comes with a built-in amplifier, which makes it perfect for use as an entertainment center in your living room or bedroom.

The best part about the Elac Debut B5.2 is that you can buy one today from Amazon for just $250! If you’re looking to upgrade your home audio system, this may be just what you need.

The Elac Debut B5.2 is a loudspeaker that has been designed for high-end audio enthusiasts and it offers great value at just $499. It’s a compact 2-way bass-reflex design with the tweeter being a silk dome and offers an excellent sonic performance that can be enjoyed in any room of your home without having to worry about upsetting your neighbors or family members.

The sleek cabinet will also make this speaker look great in any environment you choose to place it in! This is a quick review of the Elac Debut B5.2 speaker system, which I have been using for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it.

There are many other options on the market to choose from nowadays, so take my word as just one opinion, but this is a great choice if you want something that’s small but has good sound quality.


  • Detailed and organized
  • Great build quality
  • Not fussy


  • Up against stiff competition

B&W 606

Staff Pick

I’ve had my eye on the B&W 606 for a while now. I love that it has Bluetooth, WiFi and can be connected to Alexa or Google Assistant! On top of all this, it’s got great sound quality! The only thing is…I’m not sure if it’s worth the price tag.What do you think?

The B&W 606 is a new camera from the company, and it’s not just another black and white film camera. The 606 incorporates many features that were derived from the company’s flagship product, the 8×10 view camera.

It has an interchangeable bellows system to help you get close-up shots or wide-angle photos without having to change your lens. This allows for versatility in your photography while still maintaining high-quality images.

The 606 also has a fold-up design so you can transport it easier than other cameras on the market today. The B&W 606 is the perfect speaker for all of you audiophiles out there. Not only can these speakers handle your entire CD collection, but they are also made to be used with a turntable.

The B&W 606 has an MM phono input that allows it to play records just as well as CDs and its “passive radiator” helps give the bass an extra boost! Check out this video review of the B&W 602s by Audioholics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N5PdHxGgU4. They show off how great these speakers sound in their own home theater setup!


  • Look smart and stylish
  • Nicely balanced audio
  • Detailed sound


  • Nothing of note

Fyne Audio F302

Budget Pick

Fyne Audio F302 is a pair of wireless headphones with the ability to cancel out almost all background noise. This is achieved through an impressive feature list, which includes active noise cancellation, touch-sensitive controls, and HD sound.

They also have around 15 hours of battery life on a full charge. These features make them perfect for commuters who want to be able to enjoy their music without being distracted by traffic or people talking nearby.

These features ensure that you will never miss another phone call again as they have an integrated microphone so you can answer calls using just your headphones too!  The Fyne Audio F302 is available in black or white colors, with the option of either Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC connectivity depending on whether you own a device.

Fyne Audio F302 is a set of speakers that bring the quality and clarity of sound to your home. The F2s offer an expansive dynamic sound with their 2.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter for clear highs, deep bass, and stunningly accurate midrange audio reproduction.

The speaker cabinets are made from high-quality MDF (medium-density fibreboard) which helps to produce a full-range response with minimal coloration or resonance; this means you get to enjoy every note in its purest form.

With Bluetooth connectivity, these speakers let you stream your music wirelessly allowing you to move around without having to stay too close but still enjoying amazing sound quality. 


  • Full-bodied sound
  • Great timing
  • Excellent in the low end


  • Require careful system matching

KEF LS50 Meta

The KEF LS50 Meta is an upgrade for those who want to take their music listening experience to the next level. The LS50 meta takes it one step further by including a custom amplifier and DAC. This allows users to set up their own playback preferences, giving them more control over what they hear as well as how it sounds.

These speakers are easy to use and can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with any iOS or Android device. They also include a USB port for even easier connectivity with your computer and other devices that may not have built-in wireless capabilities.

The KEF LS50 is a compact two-way loudspeaker designed to be at home in any setting from the most modest of hi-fi systems to high-end professional studios. The system comprises an active subwoofer and a stereo pair of LS50 monitors, each with its own amplifier housed within it.

The speakers are finished in white or black lacquer with a choice of real wood veneer finishes – my review samples came clad in hand-oiled walnut that was beautiful enough to make you go weak at the knees.

These speakers look stunning but they also sound amazing too. The KEF LS50 Meta is the latest speaker from the British company, which has been around for more than 50 years. It’s a two-way monitor with a coaxial driver and a 25mm tweeter.

The design was inspired by their flagship LS3/5A speaker, but it had to be tweaked to deliver better performance at lower volumes as well as higher ones. Read on to learn more about what makes this speaker so special!


  • Exceptional sonic transparency
  • Subtle and precise presentation
  • Innovative technology


  • Nothing at this price

Wharfedale Diamond 12.1

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 is a 3-way floor-standing loudspeaker that has a unique sound and design. It delivers a clear, yet powerful bass response with less distortion than other speakers in its class.

The speaker comes in four different finishes: black oak, walnut, rosewood, and white high gloss lacquer for an elegant look to match any décor. Pair these speakers with the matching CD player or amplifier from the same line for an amazing sound experience.

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 is an impressive new addition to the already popular Diamond series of speakers from Wharfedale Pro audio equipment company. These premium quality home theater speakers deliver rich highs and deep lows while minimizing distortion so you can.

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 is a home theater speaker system that provides the perfect balance between performance and price. With its dedicated center channel, left and right speakers, it delivers an engaging movie-watching experience at home without breaking the bank.

At this price point, you will not find anything else with these features/benefits on the market today! In the world of high-end sound systems, there is a common narrative. It goes something like this: You can have great sound at home by spending thousands on a big system or you can get something more modest and spend half as much.

The latter option involves purchasing speakers that are small enough to fit into your living room but still provide great quality sound.


  • Detailed, easygoing nature
  • Seamless and fluid midrange
  • Great build and finish


  • Tough competition

Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 speaker is the largest in the series and offers a large sound stage for both music and movies with its four drivers per side, one tweeter, two mid-bass drivers, and one subwoofer. It also features a curved cabinet design for improved stereo imaging from any listening position.

The Diamond 12.1’s frequency response is 87 Hz to 22 kHz (+/- 3 dB) with an efficiency of 89dB/W/m at 1 watt as measured from 100 watts input power at 8 ohms impedance. The Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 is an audiophile quality speaker that can be used for home theater, music playback, and gaming sound.

It’s a 2-way bookshelf system with a built-in subwoofer and features a 10-inch woofer for a bass response as well as a 1-inch silk dome tweeter to deliver crisp highs. The speaker has been engineered using precision components from the United States of America, Germany, and Italy to create what many have called “the perfect sounding speaker.”

This premium product delivers on its expectations with natural detailed sound reproduction that makes it one of the best speakers in its price range. Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 is a multimedia speaker that can be connected to your TV, computer, or smartphone and deliver the sound quality that you deserve.

It has a compact design with a glossy finish on the front panel and blue LED lights on the sides for nighttime viewing. The speakers are angled outwards so you can enjoy 360 degrees of audio from any seat in your house. This speaker also features Wi-Fi which makes it easy to connect without any cords


  • Beautifully musical
  • Understated dynamics
  • Stylish and small


  • No USB input


: If you are in the market for a new speaker, there are many options to choose from. Whether it be an external or internal system, we have put together some of our favorite speakers that work great with record players so you can get your tunes pumping through your home. We hope this list has helped and please let us know if you need any other help.

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