5 Best RGB Case Fans In 2021

5 Best RGB Case Fans In 2021

Fans are an integral part of our PC builds. They keep the hot air circulating and cool down the hardware. One problem is that every fan has a different color which can be distracting for some people. Also, if you have two fans on one side of your case, they will create a rainbow effect when in use because colors mix together in the light spectrum.

The solution to this issue is RGB fans. These lights come in all types of colors including red, green, blue, and white so you can customize your build according to your preference or moods! There are a lot of RGB case fans out there, but not all best RGB case fans are created equally.

This blog post will be going over some of the best RGB case fans on the market and what makes them so great. Keep reading to find out more. It may be hard to believe, but we live in a world where RGB case fans exist. We all know that they’re aesthetically pleasing and add some flare to your desk, but what else do they offer?

In today’s blog post I’m going to show you why these case fans are worth buying and when you should buy them. Aesthetics aside, the main difference between regular LED vs RGB is control and customization.

You can customize almost every aspect of your fan with software like ASUS Aura Sync which gives you the ability to change colors on an individual basis (if desired).

Top 3 RGB Case Fans:

You can also set different profiles for different games or programs which will automatically change the color of your system based on what is running at any given time.I have had a lot of trouble finding case fans that are compatible with my motherboard, especially RGB ones.

However, after trying out the Lian Li PC-A05FN Case Fan, I was able to find one that fits all of my criteria. These fans are incredibly easy to install and come in four different colors so you can match them up with your build perfectly! The best part is they work great without making too much noise.

If you’re looking for an RGB fan to complete your custom build then this is the one for you! There are so many needs when it comes to building your computer, but one of the most important that everyone forgets about is cooling.

It can be difficult to choose which fans you need and how much airflow you need. Luckily for you, this blog post will go over all of the cheap RGB case fans on the market today.

DesignRGB FansRetailer
Best PickNoctua NF-S12B redux-1200
Check Price
Staff PickCorsair LL120 RGB
Check Price
Budget PickCooler Master MF120R A-RGB
Check Price
Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM
Check Price
NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm
Check Price

Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200

Best Pick

When I first built my computer, I used the NF-S12B redux-1200 fans to cool my overclocked CPU. Now that I have upgraded to an i7 chip, these fans are not giving me enough cooling power. My fan was making a lot of noise and it wasn’t performing like it should be.

Other than replacing the fan for another Noctua product (the NF-A14), there is nothing else you can do with the case/fan combo. Before buying this new one though, make sure your motherboard has an open 4 pin connector or else you won’t get any speed control on this new fan.

Noctua is a company that is known for its high-quality cooling components. The Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM 120mm fan is one of the best they have to offer. It has a maximum speed of 1200 RPM and comes with a low noise adaptor, allowing you to fine-tune your performance needs as well as set it up in different ways depending on your preference.

For those who are not familiar with how fans work, here’s some information about what makes this model so great. The Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 is the newest edition to their fan series.

The new design focuses on airflow and noise reduction, making it a perfect fit for those of us that want our components cooled without having to sacrifice anything else. With this little guy, you can be sure your PC will stay cool and silent all day long. I’m the Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200.

I have many features that will make your life easier, including a low-profile design so you can fit me in tight spaces. But my best feature is my noise reduction technology! With me, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music without any distractions from fans or other components.


  • Inexpensive but performs great
  • Less ugly than the old Noctua models


  • No RGB
  • Not the quietest Noctua fan

Corsair LL120 RGB

Staff Pick

The Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop PWM fan is a great choice for any case that has space to show off. This fan features 16 independent LED lights which can be customized using Corsair’s iCUE software.

The lighting effects are very high quality and give your PC an awesome look when it comes time to game or just watch videos at night! This kit includes the two fans, two light strips, and USB cable that allows you to control the color of each individual light up strip.

If you want a way to set yourself apart from other gamers then this is what you need! Corsair LL120 RGB fans are designed to provide a cool and quiet gaming experience. It features an innovative lighting system that provides 16.8 million customizable color options, allowing you to choose from a variety of preset or customized lighting profiles using Corsair iCUE software.

The LL120 RGB fan is built with anti-vibration pads, rubber corners, and a three-speed selector switch at the rear side, which allows for customizing your cooling performance depending on the system’s configuration and airflow needs.

In addition to that, it has been made compatible with standard 4 pin PWM motherboard headers as well as USB 2.0 connections for additional control over its speed settings through Corsair Link Dashboard software. When used together with other compatible devices


  • Top-tier RGB lighting
  • Surprisingly quiet at full-speed


  • Really not for budget builds

Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB

Budget Pick

The Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB is a 120mm case fan that has four LEDs in 16 different colors. The LED lights are controlled by the included controller which can be mounted to the back of your PC or placed somewhere else in your computer’s room.

With no wires running from it, this product is easy to install and requires little effort once you find an appropriate spot for it. The Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB is a high-quality product that will keep your CPU cool and running at optimal performance.

It is easy to install, has an impressive warranty, and offers many color options for customization. With its sleek design and RGB lighting, the Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB also looks great in any case. The Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB is a 120mm case fan that offers RGB lighting with an integrated controller.

This means you can customize the colors of the lights to your liking and adjust the brightness to suit your needs. The included 4 pin connector also allows for compatibility with most motherboards, so no need to worry about whether or not it will work on your system!

The MF120R A-RGB is the latest addition to the new series of RGB fans from Cooler Master. The fan has a unique design and comes in five different colors; red, blue, green, white, and purple.

With this fan, you can set up your own color scheme with ease or select one of the preconfigured modes like breathing mode or waves mode that cycles through all seven colors.

The fan also includes rubber pads on the corners which reduce vibrations as well as a transparent frame so you can see inside it as it works its magic!  Check out our review below if you want to learn more about this awesome product!


  • Affordable RGB lighting
  • Lots of airflow potential


  • Not exactly quiet below that either

Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM

The Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is a low-profile fan that can be used with standard 120mm mounting holes or in areas where space is limited. It has an airflow of 50.6 m3/h and produces only 24 dB(A) at maximum speed.

The frame consists of nine blades, which are slightly curved to ensure optimal airflow when the fan spins at higher speeds. This makes it ideal for liquid cooling systems where noise levels must be kept to a minimum while still providing sufficient cooling power.

When you have this much technology packed into one small package, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! The Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM is a new 120mm fan that was designed to provide the best cooling performance in its class. The A12x25 is based on the frame of the highly popular NF-F12, but with an improved motor and bearing design.

This allows for more airflow at lower noise levels than has ever before been possible with this size fan. With all these improvements, it’s sure to be your next favorite PC cooling fan! I have been a fan of Noctua fans for years, but I had never seen one with such an unusual design.

The NF-A12x25 PWM is the only 120mm fan in their lineup that has a 25 mm thickness and it weighs just over 7 ounces. It’s designed to be installed in front of a very large heatsink or radiator in order to maximize airflow and pressure at lower RPMs. This review will explore the features, specifications, and performance of this unique fan from Noctua.


  • Highest airflow of any fan we tested
  • Lots of accessories included


  • The styling isn’t to everyone’s taste

NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm

I’ve always wanted to have a computer that looks nice and shiny, but I never knew how to start. Now with the NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm fans in my case, I can show off my beautiful PC! With these amazing fans, you can change the colors of your pc without having any extra components.

All you need is a power supply capable of running these lights!In the world of PC gaming, there are a lot of products that claim they will be the best for you. It can be hard to decide which is right for you.

This blog post is going to break down some great features and benefits of NZXT Aer RGB 2 120mm case fans. We hope this helps make your decision easier! Mankind has always been fascinated by the stars and planets in the sky.

They have a way of captivating us with their beauty but also make us feel small because we cannot see them fully from our vantage point on Earth. Our fascination is what makes it so special when we are able to capture that beauty in a photograph or video.

NZXT’s newest version of its Aer RGB 2 120mm fans allows you to do just that with their new customizable lighting effects, which can be adjusted from your PC using Aura Sync technology. Do you want to add an RGB glow to your PC?

Do you need a way to cool down your PC during the summer months? This blog post will review NZXT’s Aer RGB 2 120mm. The fan has five different LED light settings and is designed with dual ball bearings for less noise while also being energy-efficient. Read on for more information.


  • Just really pretty
  • Plenty of accessories included


  • Louder than most
  • Bundle pricing is confusing


We hope that the information we’ve provided has been helpful in choosing which best RGB case fan is right for you. Whether it’s a budget-friendly option or one of the most expensive models on the market, our goal was to share what makes these fans so great and why they’re worth investing your time (and money) into them.

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